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eSportsTV Live on Site at WCG Invitational
eSportsTV Live on Site at WCG Invitational
All weekend long the World Cyber Games will be hosting their annual WCG US Invitational event! Featuring the best gamers from all across the United States, this weekend's matches will be ones you'll never forget... and you won't want too!

As always eSportsTV will be live on site to bring you the ...

Blizzard Opens Arena Registration
Blizzard Opens Arena Registration
On the same day that Blizzard announces the dates for their 2009 Arena Tournament, they also opened all registration for the event. The registration fee this year will be $20 per account for the online qualifier, following the 3v3 format. This year though the main interest point will be how will the new heroic class, Death Knight, affect PvP play. They have already shown a considerable impact on PVE play being capable tanks or dps. If you can make it through the qualifier, and all the way to the grand final, the top prize for this years event will be $75,000 to the winning team, more than enough incentive for any WoW gamer.


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