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eSportsTV Live on Site at WCG Invitational
eSportsTV Live on Site at WCG Invitational
All weekend long the World Cyber Games will be hosting their annual WCG US Invitational event! Featuring the best gamers from all across the United States, this weekend's matches will be ones you'll never forget... and you won't want too!

As always eSportsTV will be live on site to bring you the ...

ESWC Open Game 2009 Announced
ESWC Open Game 2009 Announced
While ESWC as a whole has not been big into the gaming scene as of late, with the recent economic downturn, their Chinese department seems to not be so affected. Announcing today a brand new competition, merging the Chinese eSports Open Games with ESWC's Chinese organizer. The event will hold preliminary DotA and WC3 tournaments throughout June and July. All of which will culminate at the Grand Finals in early August at Ma'anshan, China. Several big name gamers will take part in the new competition, and may just be the spark international organizers need to bring eSports back into the competitive frame.


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WCG's Ultimate Gamer Rolls On
CEVO Opens FIFA 2009 Registration
ESWC In Major Trouble?
WCG Announces Continued Partnership with OnGamenet
ESWC Releases Gamers List for Asia Masters
Gravitas Call Out ESWC on USA Selection
2009 MLG Meadowlands Kicks Off the Year
ESWC No More!
WCG Announces 2009 Competition Games
Dreamhack Announces 2009 Event Prizes
GameGune 2009 Opens Up Registration
WCG Announces 2009 Rules and Regulations
WCG US Invitational 2009 Recap
Game Battles to Host MLG Columbus Practice Tournam
CEVO Opens up Registration on CS 1.6 S11
e-Stars Seoul 2009 Competitors Announces
CEVO Hiring For All Games
eSports Awards 2009 Announced
CEVO TF2 Season 4 Registration Opens
MLG Gamebattles Announce Flyaway Competition
New Quakecon 2009 Details Released
WCG USA Shootout Announced
ENC Finals '09 Announced
GameGune 2009 Groups Announced
GamesCom 2009 to Kick off Extreme Masters Season 4
Korean WC3 Gamers Clash at WCG Qualifier
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